Road to Canon Photomarathon 2018 Mindanao Leg in Davao City

Road to Canon Photomarathon 2018 Mindanao Leg in Davao City
November 3 - 4, 2018

Ever since I started photography in 2011, the one thing constant in my hobby to full time profession is my Canon camera. From merely shooting school events and fun shoots with friends to finally covering city and regional wide official events and shooting for local, national, and international brands— Canon was always hanging around my neck. 

This is why every time Canon has an event in Davao, I’d always make time and participate. My last one was last 2016 when Pat Dy under Canon Imaging Academy did a certificate workshop for prenuptial and wedding photography. This year was, for me, one of the best workshops they did for Davao to date. It was the Road to Canon Photomarathon 2018. 

If you’re not at all familiar with Canon’s longest running competition then the basics are this photomarathon runs across Asia which started in Singapore in 2003. After years of expanding, this photomarathon developed a wider scope until it is now one of the most awaited competition by Canon. This year before letting a Filipino compete internationally and represent the Philippines, Canon conducted workshops around the PH to encourage and guide the interested photography community. This is called the Road to Canon Photomarathon and one city they chose is my hometown, the land of promise, Davao City. 

The 2-day event had Paolo Duterte talk about the essentials of travel and landscape photography.  He talked about how critical planning is when it comes to making your winning shot. When you already did great planning from researching to asking around and having all the information needed— that’s the time you then start evaluating, implementing, making your intent, and finally showcasing your work. 

Antonni Cuesta also introduced to us the latest CANON EOS R camera.

On the 2nd day, early in the morning we did a photo walk starting at Davao City’s People’s Park. At 7:00 am in the morning we did registration and Jijo de Guzman shared some few tips for us to have as a guide as we venture out in the morning on our own. He also did another full workshop in the afternoon helping photographers compose their photos by introducing techniques like finding geometric shapes and playing with lights and shadows. Afterwards he then chose the Top 10 Best photos from the photowalk. 

Let me share to you my entry that I have also shared at my Instagram account @joweposadas 

“I have always been vocal that when it comes to photography— my field of passion would be in fashion, beauty, events, and commercial. This is why from today’s Road to Canon Photomarathon photowalk with the theme “Fun and Joy” was really a challenge for me because I barely do street photography. During the first 2 hours I basically didn’t shoot well, I almost felt like just not submitting an entry because I honestly didn’t know where to start. But thanks to my Davao Bloggers Society friends Ria Jose @josefcagas and Pages Flipper who really encouraged me to walk with them and at least try, we went out to Davao’s Rizal Park and tried looking for interesting subjects. Arriving there imagining lots of people enjoying the free day, to my disappointment— I still couldn’t find anything or anyone I’d like to photograph since there were not much people around during the Sunday church service since apparently the service was still ongoing and most are inside the church. Giving up, I sat down and just watched my friends played around with the birds. Then we simply relaxed, chatted, and laughed around amidst the tiresome day and hot humid air until I saw my friend, Gem, playing with the birds and got this shot while sitting down the public square. The moment felt right for me. My friend truly enjoying the moment when a bird decided to perfectly perch itself on his hand. This moment is a glimpse of our group having fun and enjoying the day despite the circumstances. After seeing this photo, I decided to just submit it and at least try. I’m glad I did because to my surprise, it landed to @jijodeguzman’s Top 10 Photo Picks and it felt such an honour.

I guess this photo says that truly, just by trying, we can find unexpected moments of great worth— and sometimes, when we even let ourselves have fun in the process, then these moments simply come to us. 📸  So have fun, enjoy, and trust the process! 💜 Thank you so much Canon PH for your amazing 2-day workshop, it was truly a wonderful event. Davao can’t wait for more! 💜
Canon EOS 6D with EF 85mm f/1.8
F2.5, 1/640s | ISO 125”

So needless to say, this workshop was one for the books. It didn’t just teach me how to tackle a new field in photography but it also showed me that more people in the photography community from my region are very much passionate as well in capturing visuals and sharing them to everyone else.  Thanks to Canon’s free workshops, most of us are now well guided in our craft. Truly this created a lasting impact in our generation and, I’m truly betting on the next generation. 

If you’re interested in joining the Canon Photomarathon 2018 Philippines just go to 

It will be this coming November 10, 2018 at 5th Ave, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City, Philippines

Thanks to Josef Cagas of Davao Geek Hub for taking this photo!

Also thank you for dropping by and reading this post! 


© All photos are by Jowe Posadas | #byJowePosadas unless otherwise stated.


  1. Nice to see you again in person, Maam Jowe. Hopping I could have a photo collab with you soon. Thanks! God bless! - Emmanities

  2. Thank you Emmanuel! Nice seeing you too and your friends! Keep on shooting! Godspeed :)