Halloween Vibes Since The First Ber Month

"It's either you're my last love or my first kill." 

Nah, just kidding.

♡ Makeup and Self-Portrait by Me 

   If there is one thing complicated in my life, it is my love for Halloween and hatred for horror. It doesn't make sense to most but essentially- my love for Halloween directs to the festivities (like one of my travel goals: to visit Mexico during their Day of the Dead), dressing up and parties while my hatred for horror mostly concerns movies, heart-stopping pranks and morbid images. 

   A side story: As to the festivities like Mexico's Day of the Dead, there's more to it than just aesthetics. It's a part of their folklores (as how the stories/infos states) that every November 1 the spirit world would open up and spirits might use your body as their new vessel unless you paint your face with a skull to confuse them. So that's why you see the locals with skull painted faces. Anyways, since I'm serious about witnessing that event- I'm still looking for a travel buddy so if you're interested (pay your own expenses tho haha) let me know! 

  So back to Halloween- as I always enjoy doing my makeup (yes, that's me above) and dressing up, the occasion fits me perfectly. If you're a Mean Girls fan, you'd know Halloween is just an excuse to dress up with anything you want without being judged (unless you're too scary like Cady). 

   This year, I'll be attending a pre-Halloween event at The Malagos Garden Resort Davao. I'm expecting a Halloween Coachella vibe since there'll be local artists in the event, food stalls and other horror activities (that I'll probably be avoiding if I feel like it's too scary and that there's a chance I might ugly cry).  But nevertheless, I am excited! After all, it's a Halloween event! I'll be with the Davao Bloggers Society this October 28, 2017 at The Malagos Garden for their 2017 Mga Handuraw Sa Baul Event. 

If you're interested with the event, check the posters below:

You can see more details and how to get a reservation on their Facebook Page here.

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