MODA Mindanao Season 12

The tales of the tribes, fashion beyond superficiality and martial law in one big scoop.
Mindanao is now, just so you know.

  Fashion essentially is a manner. Although it is inclined to annual trends and icons, it's still a personal preference. Like a painting: it may be a work of art to the audience or not- but it is always a work of art through the painter's eyes whose hands stroked from inspiration, stories, and experience.

  A video of Jim Carrey's latest interview during Fashion Week made the rounds in the internet because of his honest opinion of how meaningless it is. I find his insight very intriguing and somewhat true especially in this era where anything can be celebrated. But I don't completely agree that it's meaningless, perhaps at certain times in the fashion industry we lose sight of its importance as it is shaded by fame and money. When in actual, it should be lighted by history and culture. This is also the very reason why MODA Mindanao is the longest running Mindanaoan fashion design competition in the region. 

  Being the official photographer for the show since last year, I must say how much of a big responsibility it is to capture the rich culture that our region has to offer. Honestly, it was one of the defining parts of my career that made me realize how grateful I am to be a Mindanaoan. It rooted my works and gave me the ignition to uplift the culture that I have through my photographs and direction. Thus the photographer's perspective made me see that it is also a challenge for designers to handcraft the tales of their tribes. Last year the winner, Jay-R Flores wooed the audience by incorporating bells in his fully-beaded work that chimes as the model walks. The reason was to signify the fashion or manner of the tribes using bells around their village in Sultan Kudarat. This year 10 designers showcased their works and each one portrayed different inspirations from the Mindanaoan tribes. Then you get to thinking, is fashion really meaningless? 

  Perhaps it is for some but I beg to differ if it involves history and culture. There is so much more about fashion that is beyond superficiality of showcasing one's curves or status. Sometimes fashion is the supporting role of your character that is rooted in your proudest origin or movement. Just like how Coco Chanel lead a revolution for women to be both fashionable and comfortably practical in her designer wear. 

  So this is the part of the revolution of this year's most controversial news in Mindanao, especially here in Davao. Amidst the proclaimed Martial Law - here we are celebrating all things worth celebrating. From life to food to fashion, we push beyond the stereotypes of what we can not do and what we can do. 

MODA Mindanao Season 12
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© All photos are by Jowe Posadas | #byJowePosadas.
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