Cat Walk Zip Lock

Understanding beyond fabrics, patterns, and cuts during the ramp
(just my 2 scents... or maybe 7). 

   A well deserved midnight tea on a local coffeeshop, sitting on a round table full of written plans and wakeful opinions discussing the pending tasks for next month's event from different art perspectives like direction, photography, makeup, etc. - would all bring about the great friendship that is rooted from passion for fashion. Then you'd know that it's during those stressful fashion event organization and preparation that the genuine fash talks, from years of observation to realization, that come about how a certain city is slowly but surely becoming consistent in the fashion scene. 

   As days to months go by - the next thing you know, the city outperformed your event expectations and as you look around: there is a growing community of local artists. Truly culturally richer and stronger than ever. But amidst all the new successful events, there is still room for improvement. Golden rule, there is always room for improvement. One I am currently obsessed with is the etiquette for fashion shows.

   If you're a fashion week geek like me, you'd know the basics. RSVP at least 24-48 hours after your invitation, dress code alert, don't cross your legs if you're sitting in the front row and be polite to everyone especially to whoever you're seated next to.

   Fashion shows, although may be very fast-paced and quick to end, are surely a masterpiece. Countless days and nights of fittings, rehearsals plus meetings to make the event itself possible are all just the tip of the iceberg. The least you could do is watch politely and most importantly like what your kindergarten teacher would have said: 
If you have nothing nice to say, zip it! 

   The dress passing by may not be your type but needless to say, it is someone else's: its fabric must have been made from thousand of miles away, its pattern must have taken countless of hours to form and its cut must have wasted bundles of other prototypes to be able to sew the perfect one. And as part of the invited audience- it's safe to say that you have entered into a social support (or at least an agreement) to your generous host who entrusted you to witness firsthand their collection. So like a basic 5 year old, save the personal judgements after the show- yes, critiques are the fuel for better outputs but only at the right time and place. 

Best way to fashionably say it: do sit down and enjoy the lovely show.

I certainly did, like I always do. 

Davao Fashion Weekend 2017
Together with Davao Bloggers Society
Abreeza Mall of Davao

Bravo everyone, bravo.

© All photos are by Jowe Posadas | #byJowePosadas

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