Midsummer Daydreams

"My daydreams of you
are that of daybreak cotton skies"

Midsummer Daydreams with Maria Loredana Sartirani
Photos and Direction by Jowe Posadas

   One of my fave quotes about photography is by Susan Sontag, she said "The camera makes everyone a tourist in other people's reality, and eventually in one's own." After reading that quote, I came to realize how true it is- especially for me. I have always loved fairytales, movies and fantasies that it's becoming risky in such way that there are times I would prefer to get lost in my art and craft than live with my reality. To be fair, I have a blessed life- I have everything I need and almost everything I want. But sometimes, it's easy to get lost in one's own imagination. We live in such a labelized world that with people's opinions and actions, certain things become definite. Some even mold you into their own beliefs and understandings. Unlike in a different point of view, you can be anything and anyone. But of course we ask, are we really free? Even in our own world?

   Perhaps it is also through my art that I am able to zone out and express my perspective. I'm a true believer that everyone sees the world differently because I for one, truly do. Since I was a child, I always struggled with paying attention to what I'm supposed to because I'm too busy noticing the other details. I also really loved daydreaming because it feels ethereal and empowering if life is how you imagine it to be. Growing up I am convinced it is possible, we actually may make the most of our lives. Not quite as how we imagined it to be but almost. They may say that almost is never enough, but sometimes it's the second best thing to the impossible perfection.

   This is why I believe that if you truly want to know someone, skip the achievements and societal labels. Dig deeper on the most obvious details. Notice what socks they're wearing, listen to the songs in their playlist, taste their hatest food, ask them what they really think because you sincerely want to listen and not because you want to reply. I think this is what makes, not just friendship or romance- but all relationships this world has to offer. And yet, here we are- quite busy telling people what to do and what not to do when everything else is quite impermanent. So sometimes, in such a place- one can't help but to simply daydream.

"My daydreams of you

are that of daybreak cotton skies,

fleeting and unobtainable,

yet breathtakingly vivid.

It's as though heavenly harps,

singing their crimson morning light,

have your name floating among them,

basking in the wine-stained clouds above."

-Daydream, Colten White 

© All photos are by Jowe Posadas #byJowePosadas