MAC Art of the Lip with Miss Universe Philippines 2017

Give a woman the right lipstick 

and she can conquer the world- the universe, rather.


    It was during National Lipstick Day this event was brought by MAC Philippines (organized by Digicon Events) to Davao City at their newly opened branch in Abreeza Mall.  The event mainly consisted with customers lining up for freebies for every purchase, 2 makeup demos by Ryan G. Wong and a photo op with this year's newly crowned Miss Universe Philippines 2017 Rachel Peters.  

    Covering events around Davao City, it's quite funny how I see similar faces from different establishments smiling at me and some even approaching me saying they also saw me covering somewhere else beforehand. As a freelancer, it happens. And as a witness to these events in my beloved city, I must say how the fashion and beauty industry is now emerging in a fast pace. I have always been a girly-girl and I admit back then, I am very jealous of other places because Davao before wasn't as exposed to these kinds of things (as far as I'm concerned). But as the years go by, I'm absolutely loving how eventful this city is- not just with the usual celebrations like Kadayawan or Christmas Holidays, but also in a wider scope of things worth celebrating like National Lipstick Day. Sure it may not accommodate everyone, but it sure does can empower anyone

   Wearing lipstick, if you ever experienced the complete phase of it- is quite a challenge. You start with lip balm or lip gloss, then you hype yourself up to try on a much pigmented shade like the girl-next-door- kinda pink until you reach the classic scarlet red. Somewhere in between you may or may not have invested on those nudes or out of this world colors but any other way, you somehow found what's best for you. And you know it's not just about aesthetics because confidence isn't makeup or skincare or no makeup or whatsoever your preference is. Confidence is basically doing what feels good for you- and yes, some women are obsessed with lipsticks because it makes them feel good. Thus, a celebration is a must! 

My HMUA friend, Betsy Arcena! 

Jean Padilla and Lesley Ann Gueverra from MAC Marketing Philippines


Tsim Valencia from Glam Model House
Makeup by Ryan G. Wong


Miss Universe Philippines 2017 Rachel Peters for MAC Philippines
Makeup by Mikee Raymundo
Hair by Joseph Nazareno

     Meeting Rachel was a treat! She's very professional with everyone and such a sweetheart. In the above photos, I asked her to do a quick glam shot by me while her fans were lining up to have their photo op with her and in less than 3 minutes, we were done. She admits that she's still starting to learn how to use makeup because she used to be a "tomboy" (as she said) back then.  I think MAC chose her as an ambassador perfectly because I also have a lot of friends who ask me how to use makeup and perhaps it's good to look up to someone like Rachel trying her best to learn it. It's relatable and if a girl with no background of the artistry can learn and is willing to learn then makeup is truly for everyone.

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© All photos are by Jowe Posadas | #byJowePosadas