A Fresh Start

What fresh hell is this?

Journal | Entry No. 1

  Okay, I find sunset better than sunrise. Not just because I’m never going to be a morning person but also because I find it more meaningful or so to say hopeful. 

  Imagine something ending, I prefer skipping the drama part and opt for preparing and celebrating the new beginning that’s about to come. Somehow like this new website and blog after a year of being inexistent in the web world, I can feel something starting. I may not know it just yet but I do know that I am grateful for how things are finally catching up on me.

Then I can finally say, a new Hello after staying hopeful in this sunset-phase I'm currently in. 

  As of now, I’m still here. Figuring things out and I bet there are hundreds of articles  (like this) that can assure me that it’s a normal part of adulthood. So right now, I’m basically just enjoying life. Taking one step at a time while preparing for the best. Not much of a good strategy but it’s the only one I find practical as of the moment. 

Here's a flatlay shot of my daily go-to essentials.

 A cult fave is the Mac Flat Out Fabulous retro matte lipstick that gives you a happy pop of color and the classic Chanel Rouge Coco Antoinette. 
I also made a deal with myself to skip the contact lenses and forcefully make my eyeglasses my new BFF. 
My furry phone with my fave Fendi charm just because they're cute (lol). 
A throwback polaroid of me in 2012 to remind myself how far I survived this life.
Always have a watch and perfume!
My lucky Forever21 pen that somehow seems to have an infinite supply of ink (?)
My iPad and a good book to keep the boredom away. Currently reading The Fashion Book from Phaidon.com
And of course, lots of rings and chains to glitter and shimmer my way to life. 

Hope you enjoyed this first blog post which is also more of a journal post in my newly made website by me. I must say it feels good to finally have my own space again.
So here's a thought to ponder on, lyrics from a great song by Klangkarussell, Netzwerk (Falls Like Rain):

I look up to the sky above
Full of sweet release
From the days that I waste
Trying to fight for space
Well I know what my heart believes

I won't run when the storm clouds come
I won't turn away

Cause if your eye's on the ground
When the night comes down
You only see the stars when they fall like rain


That's it for now,